The Utah Highway Patrol Association is dedicated to the men and women of the Utah Highway Patrol, their families, and the citizens of Utah.

The Utah Highway Patrol Association supports uniformed men and women of the Utah Highway Patrol from Trooper through the rank of Commissioner, retired Troopers, support staff, and communications specialists in the Department of Public Safety.  The Association board of directors consists of a one year term President, two vice Presidents, a secretary, a treasurer, a quartermaster, and twenty Region Representatives who stand for approximately 465 members.

We have standing committees within the board representing education, finance, labor, personal welfare, legal, legislative, retirement, and disability. The association is a non-profit, tax exempt corporation organized under section 501(c)(8) of the I.R.S code. Donations to UHPA are non tax deductible as charitable contributions but may be deductible as business expenses or for other purposes. We provide many organizations with charitable contributions.

Objectives of the UHPA

  • To protect the rights of widows and orphans of deceased members;
  • To associate as sworn officers who are employed to enforce the laws of the state;
  • To devise ways and means of promoting the best interests of the members of the UHPA;
  • To seek enactment into law measures relating to the association;
  • To provide a method of representation of the interest of the membership before such boards, commissions, department heads, or legislative bodies or other persons or groups as may be necessary to further the goals set by the association.

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